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The It Factor: Mindset of an Entrepreneur

The It Factor: Mindset of an Entrepreneur


After losing his restaurant business, his confidence, and his father, Billy Kounoupis found an unexpected gift amidst all that misery. It was a discovery he made on his own that was both inspiring and transforming: In a world so driven by fear, doubt, pain, and discontent, the right mindset can pack astonishing power—and alter the course of a person’s future.

[The It Factor] provides unique insights, punctuated with gut-punching humor, that illustrate how thinking more like an entrepreneur can erase doubt, overcome fear, and harness pain for positive change. As you climb toward success, people will often doubt you, there will always be setbacks, and you may even suffer tragic loss. But in the end, what matters most is that you are meant to live your life, not explain it. If you commit to bettering yourself, then there is no such thing as failure, and the journey is always the joy.

You’ve seen a thousand self-help books on the market, but never one with this much grit and practical advice. With [The It Factor], restaurateur Billy Kounoupis offers up our generation’s most honest representation of what it means to hit absolute rock bottom, and what it takes to scale your way back to the very peak of spiritual, emotional, and material success! That honesty comes from one key truth: Billy doesn’t just talk the talk; he has walked the walk.

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